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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cold Wet Magic

I put a few of the houseplants out on the porch for the summer. Told Om to bring them in if it was going to freeze while I was gone. But I sort of forgot that a couple of them really wouldn't like to be cold even if it wasn't freezing.

One of the ones I put outside was this unidentified member of the spiderwort family. It has reluctantly bloomed for me twice.

furry spiderwort

It was given to me as a succulent, but I learned this summer that it really prefers to be nice and moist. It flourished outside, getting watered every other day. The leaves were greenish-white and furry and happy looking.

When I got home Friday, not only were the leaves happy and huge, but even though it has been quite cold, the silly thing was blooming like crazy! Every stalk had two blossoms/buds on the end.

furry spiderwort

In other news: I chilled out and worked hard on the Midland to Mackinac Trail Guide today. I'm closing in on having it ready.

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Ann said...

It did a nice job of welcoming you home.

Lin said...

I love those blooms that surprise you. We've had a few frosts now...I think the garden is done for the season.

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel yoo no we hav all got that wun frend wot always likes it kolder then evrybuddy else am i rite??? ha ha ok bye

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