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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Unidentified Non-Flying Red Things

Two mysteries today. I think I've got the first one narrowed down. The second is a complete head-shaker.

On my recent hike, I snapped a picture of this flower in bud. As you may know, I think I'm pretty knowledgeable about plants. However, this one had me stumped. In the first place, it's in bud in late September. I've decided that's a fluke. So I've tried to narrow down the possibilities. I'm pretty sure it's a honeysuckle, Lonicera sp.. But it's certainly not one of the native ones in this area. Probably an ornamental variety that got planted by going through a bird's gut. Any input welcome.

red honeysuckle bud

Red mystery number two. I found this while cleaning the house. I'm reluctant to throw it out until I know if it might be something important. Anyone recognize what this is? It's about 2.5 inches long

unidentified red object

In other news: more bookkeeping, ordered more books, errands, laundry, and more yard work. Boring.

See Red Things
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1 comment:

Ann said...

I'm clueless on both counts. I hate finding things in the house and not knowing what they belong to. Like you, I never want to throw them out until I know what they go to

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