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Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Little More Garden

About all I accomplished today was to clean up the mess from food preparation for the hike. I really had trashed pretty much everything!

So, I'll just show you a few more things from the flower garden. This is a surviving geranium success from the rock garden. It's actually a little too successful. It would be happy to take over the entire hill. Nevertheless, it's quite pretty.

bloody geranium

I'm very happy to say that the ever-struggling 'Cathedral Windows' heuchera in the front garden is looking a little better than usual this year. It needs to be set against something green for it to show up well. For now, I mulched it with some dry grass. There are 3 plants alive. This is one of the very few plants I actually paid money for that is still alive.

Cathedral Windows heuchera

The Japanese Painted Fern is my blazing success story. I did buy this, and it thrives at that corner of the house. I've never been sure why. It should be too dry and hot for it there. But I'm not going to mess with success!

Japanese Painted Fern

How are the little coleus doing, you ask? Well, they look pretty thin, planted a few inches apart. I'm hoping they will be happy and fill in quite a bit in the next couple of weeks. Still, they are colorful. And the daffodil leaves will wither soon.


Finally, the big joke is the hosta. These are the freebie and vintage variety called 'Francie.' Everyone has them, and they are pretty tough, but they are getting thin because even they can't stand being eaten every year. I put wire over a few hosta I'm trying to protect. I may try to get some wire over these too.

eaten hosta

There is no other news: I cleaned up the food mess and played my game.

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Jean Davis said...

Pretty fern! I've not had any luck with that one. Must not have found the magic spot like you did.

Ann said...

Wow, something is finding your hosta to be a very delicious snack

R's Rue said...