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Friday, June 12, 2020

The Tale of the Naughty Slug

I was a complete slug all day. Didn't sleep and then just could not get moving. So a day that was a wonderful temperature was completely wasted. I managed to talk myself into doing one five-minute job that's been needing attention for months (tighten a towel hook), and tried to do one more, but discovered I don't have any crazy glue.

I know I will not have this option to just lounge around on the trail next week. When you feel like this on a hike, you get up and you walk anyway. In zombie mode. But you walk. At home, with most of the preparations done, I have this luxury.

The naughty part? Well, in addition to doing nothing, one of the extra things I came home with yesterday was a beautiful plant. It was on sale. It's a succulent and perfect for my rock garden. It's hardy to zone 4 (that's us). And it's beautiful. For now, I just planted the pot. I want to put some of it where I don't have weeded yet, and won't until after the hike. It will be fine like this for now. Can't tell you what it is. The label says Sedum hybrid.

variegated sedum hybrid

No other news, no accomplishments. Hopefully tonight will involve sleep.

See On Location in the Rock Garden

1 comment:

Ann said...

I'm very familiar with those slug days. I've been having a lot of them.
I like the plant.