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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blood and Tea - Day 2

Today, we had four more workshops and another panel discussion. D.E. Johnson talked about "Creating the unforgettable setting"

d.e. johnson

Lev Raphael covered "The art of giving a reading."

lev raphael

Elizabeth Buzzelli helped us "Find the story that lights your mind," And Aaron Stander talked about his success with self-publishing.

Today's panel discussion was about the biggest mistakes mystery writers make, which was a great opportunity for making jokes as well as potential mistakes, and segued into more questions about publishing.

Then four of us went for a walk- that was great. We'd been sitting a long time. After dinner, we heard readings by Elizabeth and Lev.

Definitely learned quite a few things, and made several new friends as well as what you might simply call networking or making contacts.

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Ann said...

Hmm, I kind of curious about the biggest mistake mystery writers make

Secondary Roads said...

You must have enjoyed that a lot. Such a special experience and close to home as well.

Lev Raphael said...

It was great fun being there!

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