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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blue Heron as Art

I was looking for something else to picture, but a heron decided to pose for me. However, it was pretty much into the sun, so I just played with things to take advantage of the silhouette effect. Which one do you like?

If this were mirrored, I think it could be a book cover.

blue heron
This one is just exactly how it came out of the camera. I like the textures.

blue heron
I cropped this one a bit and added more green. I love the shadow.

blue heron
If you aren't into being artsy, here's the most amazing one of all. When the heron finally flew away all it did was circle around so that the sun was behind me. I cropped this, but did nothing else. Best heron picture I ever took. Maybe one of the best bird pictures.

blue heron

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Lin said...

Excellent photos!!

I like the landing/flying one!! Wow! Great action shot.

Ann said...

I always appreciate the artsy touch and I like them all.
Good job on that last one. The shadow the heron is making looks almost like an angel

Secondary Roads said...

Great work Shark! Very nicely done. The touchdown shot is particularly nice, but they are all very good.

vanilla said...

Very nice set of images!

D.G. Hudson said...

I like the starkness of the first photo. Beautiful.

I've photographed herons here in British Columbia, they are elegant creatures. (btw - I like all your shots, in the order you have presented them. . .)

Shelly said...

We have Sandhill Cranes and Egrets where I live.

Nice pics.

Hugs and chocolate,

Don't unplug your hub. said...

I like the first photo but the last one is excellent. You ought to put it in a nature photo competition.

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- I sure got lucky! Just whipped the camera around and pointed at where I thought the bird might be.

Ann- I noticed that- you can't see the long neck at all

Chuck- It's all about putting yourself in opportune places and then getting lucky.

vanilla- Thanks! I went overboard a bit, but they are all different

DG- Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to check your blog.

Shelly- We have those too- although the egrets are less frequent.

John- probably not high enough resolution, and I've learned that although my photography is pretty good, it's not great.

Anne Camille said...

Great photos. Herons are amazing in flight, aren't they?

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