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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Two Birthday Boys

Yesterday, Ivy of Spinning Lovely Days, shared a video of Cameron's first year. He turned one. It's a slide show of memories. You can see that at Cameron's First Birthday, and it makes me think of Steve.

Oddly enough, my Steve's birthday is the 16th. He's a bit more than one, though. Try 38. We tried to call him, but only got his voicemail.

OK, I know they don't really look alike, but here is the pair. Steve left, Cameron right.

two one-year-olds

See Meet David for a picture of Steve at age 3
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Ivy said...

Ooh, they actually have the same birthday (the 15th, right?). We celebrated Cam's yesterday because we're about half a day ahead.
I've seen pictures of the grown-up Steve, but it's hard to think of cute little babies as grown men. Tried imagining Cam in his 30s and started getting teary-eyed, lol.

Shelly said...

Very sweet.


vanilla said...

Little kids are so cute. They grow up. Celebrated my youngest's 45th on the 14th.

Secondary Roads said...

A happy [belated] birthday to Steve.

Ann said...

Well happy birthday to the both of them. I hear stories people tell about their little ones and it always sparks memories of when mine were growing up

Sharkbytes said...

Ivy- I managed to not know what day it was yesterday. Cam's is the 15th, Steve's the 16th. Pretty close and half a world away.

Hi Shelly- they are pretty cute little guys. Thanks.

vanilla- seems unreal. I spent the evening with a couple of families who used to have little kids. Now they are playing football and soccer and running cross country.

Chuck- You are on time, I apparently can't read a calendar. We still haven't spoken to him.

Ann- Exactly- there are enough similarities between Ivy and me, and little Asian cuties that it just makes the memories flow.

Lin said...

Can you text him?? ;)

I hope you can get to him to tell him Happy Birthday. If not for him, but for you.

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