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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some Days it Doesn't...

...take much to make me happy!

Today I finally had time to work on putting my recipe books back into the Hoosier cabinet. It took a couple of weeks to get more of the plaid mats, and then there was work and hiking and work (OK, and a couple of crash days). Anyway... today, I cut mats to fit and then scrubbed all the plastic notebooks.

recipe books

These aren't all my recipe books, but these are the ones I use pretty much all the time.

However, there was one serious organizational problem. I previously had a 3-ring binder in there with plastic pockets of recipes I want to try. But a notebook is so wide that I can't close the rolltop. And now that it's all pretty and clean, I'd like to be able to do that.

rolltop cupboard

So, I spent a few hours sorting and throwing out recipes I'll never, ever try at this point. The notebook will have to be stored in one of my other recipe book spots, but I should be able to live with that. Now I just wish I had a system to remember what some of those recipes are so I don't have to keep flipping through the notebook.

I've tried keeping a spreadsheet, but I never manage to keep it up to date. O well, another day. Keeping recipes up to date is a project that is never finished anyway.

But I feel like I've accomplished something.

And if you were hoping for nature pictures, yesterday's sunset was pretty awesome. The first picture is the light reflected on the clouds in the east, believe it or not. The second picture is to the west.

sunset clouds

sunset clouds

See Last Project Day for the Hoosier cabinet
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Patty Woodland said...

Just lovely...and some serious clouds!

Ann said...

That is a gorgeous sunset.
I used to collect recipes that I wanted to try and rarely ever got around to trying them. I have a box stuffed with them

Secondary Roads said...

I frequently tell Sylvia that recipes are only suggestions. Feel free to improvise and experiment. I like those clouds in the east. Looks like an eagle to me. Interesting difference in the light angle and effect in those last two shots.

Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL sky shots!! So pretty these days, isn't it?

I'm not a recipe gal. I don't like to cook too much, so I never save recipes. Isn't that weird?

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Patty- Several local people put pix of those clouds on FB- I guess we were all impressed

Ann- I have more that need to be sorted. These were just recent ones that actually have a good chance of being tried.

Chuck- It always fascinates me when the sunset looks better in the east

Lin- so who cooks at your house?

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