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Friday, June 7, 2013

Mountain Dulcimer

So many good things have been happening lately that I have way more things I want to share than I have room for. I WILL go back and give you day six of hiking, but first I have to show you something I got to try in Alabama. Part of the reason I wasn't taking pictures at the "party" for Loretta was that I got to try something new and wonderful.

Yes, I got to try playing the mountain dulcimer. Her friend Jan brought hers. I asked if I could try it, and another lady brought out a second one... one she had recently gotten for herself. So Jan gave me what she calls "Dulcimer 101" and taught me a song that I don't remember the name of. It was simple, and yet tricky because I didn't (and still don't) know the song.

Then she taught me another. Same problem... I don't know what it was. Then she played and I bumbled along with O Susannah. We had fun!

playing mountain dulcimer

It was great fun! And it's a fairly easy instrument.

Are you curious about that green spot over my ear? I had a plastic spoon stuck there- a memento of a visit to Yogurt Mountain. We don't have those in the north! We should. It's a frozen yogurt bar with many flavors and toppings. O wow!

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Ratty said...

Interesting looking instrument. I once watched a video from my favorite band where they played something similar. It had a mellow sound like I would imagine one of these might sound.

Ann said...

I've seen dulcimers before but have never heard one (at least not that I know of)
I thought the green spot was just from the sun

Secondary Roads said...

That looks like fun. We have friends that build hammered dulcimers and other friends that make the hammers.

rainfield61 said...

That must be a fun and interesting instrument.

vanilla said...

Yummy desserts and mountain music. Paradise!

Mike said...

Sounds fun!

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- I wouldn't really call it mellow. Sort of twangy- it's a traditional folk instrument. Not difficult to play.

Ann- sort of like steel guitar

Chuck- that is a completely different horse

rainfield- yes- I had no idea how they were played or tuned. It's different from other string instruments

vanilla- yup!

mike- it really was.

Lin said...

Those yogurt places are all over the place...again. They were popular 20 years ago and then went out of fashion. My only thing is I don't like self-serve anything. I sorta get weirded out by germs and stuff with the help-yourself places. And then they charge you a fortune anyway!

LOVE the dulcimer. Looks like you are a pro, Sharkey!

RNSANE said...

It's been so long since I heard a dulcimer...pretty common in my growing up days in Georgia and Alabama...I had to go on YouTube and listen to some songs!

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