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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Little Splurge

Went hog wild and bought myself a little gift today. (It has a tiny chip so I got 10% off, and it was much cheaper than I thought it would be- all the right things, and blue too!). And the flowers will hopefully continue to give some color for a while.

birdbath and flowers

I want to put it where I can watch the birds play in their birdbath from the chair where I work.

In other news, I started the back section of the roof that is this season's chore. It's a small piece, and I hope it will go really fast. REALLY fast.

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Loretta said...

I love it! Happy Birthday to You...cool that you were able to find the perfect gift for yourself....and your feathered friends. I wish our bird bath was not way across the yard. The birds are loving it though. At least yours will be easy to refill. Hope you have a fun day tomorrow even though we are not "officially" celebrating until May 13th!

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks, Loretta! It was only $11 with the discount. I decided even I could afford that. It's SO pretty.

Ann said...

I read Loretta's comment so Happy Birthday to you. That is a sweet gift you got yourself. Love the color of it too.

Lin said...

It's your birthday?? Happy Birthday, my friend!!

Isn't it nice to have a little pot of flowers these days? I love pansies for that reason--they don't mind the cold and they are so bright....just when we need them!

LOVE the birdbath. :)

Secondary Roads said...

That's a beautiful bird bath and it makes a fine birthday gift (to yourself). Many happy returns of the day.

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