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Monday, April 21, 2014

Finally! A Glimmer of Spring

I love my little miniature Jetfire daffodils, although they seem to be evolving into a more uniform yellow. The trumpets used to be orange.

Jetfire miniature daffodils

Rain today- just gentle, and not really enough to soak the soil, it only wetted the top. But it certainly felt more like spring than winter. In the link below, the Jetfires were in full bloom on April 18, and they are just starting this year on the 21st. Surprisingly, that's not a huge difference, considering the never-ending cold here.

See Jetfire
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Lin said...

We got rain today...and it seemed like everything just busted out! The grass seemed greener...the plants a little bigger...things popped out of the earth. Yes...I think Spring is here!

RNSANE said...

You certainly do have winter late...but, those beautiful daffodils, make it all seem worthwhile!

Ann said...

It is starting to feel like spring has actually arrived. It was warm yesterday and nice to see people walking around with no winter coats again

Secondary Roads said...

Beautiful! Simply beautiful.

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