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Friday, October 16, 2015

Autumn- Outside and In

All the outside pictures were taken yesterday. The sun sure made for lovely colors. However, it wasn't as nasty as predicted today, and although it didn't lend itself to pretty photos, I got some more yard work done.

autumn leaves

Five Mile Road, coming around a bend.

autumn leaves

I like this one. I know the trunk and branches are a different and dead tree in front of the one with leaves, but I could imagine that I was seeing both on the same tree.

autumn leaves

I love how the sunlight made this patch of grass glow.

autumn leaves

Today... yard work, and a big pot of minestrone soup. Dinners for a week and some in the freezer!


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Ann said...

pretty fall colors. The colors are always so much more vibrant when the sun is shining.
That minestrone soup looks really goo

Secondary Roads said...

[2nd try] The red & yellow maple leaves are striking! Love those yellow grasses. Soup looks great.

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