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Monday, October 26, 2015

Locked Down

It was another beautiful autumn day. I keep thinking they must be over, and they just keep showing up. Rain Wednesday though... they say 100% chance. That seems pretty solid.

But today, I walked in to the post office. Here's the welcome to my town.

Scottville sign

Going home, I walked along the tracks. Many places, railroads are taking advantage of unused or dead sidings to rent storage space to other lines for extra rail cars. It looks like that is what's happening here. This siding goes nowhere any more. It was completely overgrown with brush and small trees, but was cleared a couple of years ago. Occasionally, there are cars stored there. See that orange spot on the far left rail?

railroad siding

But this is new. In fact, I've never seen this before. Must be some sort of strange world we now live in where one has to put a lock on a rail so someone won't steal an entire rail car.

Scottville sign

See New Owner, New Paint Scheme
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The Furry Gnome said...

That's definitely a new one for me! All the old rail lines around here are abandoned, and used as ATV trails?

Gordon said...

I would think that it is so that someone cannot roll it to a slope some place where they could let it run wild and do damage.

vanilla said...

Or perhaps the owner will unlock it when the user pays the rent. I'll have to check our siding storage lots for locks. Never noticed.

vanilla said...

(The thing is called a "derailer." This one keeps rolling stock from either entering or exiting the siding.)

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