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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Spirit of the Woods Hike- Bowman Lake Oct 2015

Saturday was the monthly trail hike. This time at one of my favorite places, Bowman Lake. Here's the group photo, thanks to Loren.


It was a chilly morning, but great for walking. Somehow this picture makes the lake look more somber than usual, but the view is a little different, so I'm sharing this one.

Bowman Lake

We did a loop that is about six miles long. Elizabeth points out where we are on the map.


Sometimes, just sometimes, a fallen tree is an asset rather than a problem. This one is going to need a chain saw, and it hasn't been cleared yet. However, it provided perfect lunch seating for ten. And so convenient... right down the length of the trail.

lunch on a log

Grocery shopping after, home, zombie land. Gave up and went to bed.

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Ann said...

everyone does look pretty bundled up in that first picture. Once you get moving though it does help to take the chill off

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