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Friday, October 2, 2015

Trail Work!

It was the right time to get the fall clean-up done on my section of the North Country Trail. In the spring I had Om drop me off and I walked straight through the whole section. I knew there was more work to do this time, so I split it into two days with a campout in the middle.

Here's my trail work gear pack.

pack with saw

I began yesterday afternoon at the south end. Hiked in 2.5 miles to the spur trail that leads to a campground. I didn't get the spur checked in the spring. But not the first day. Instead I turned around and walked back to the car. One of my favorite pieces of trail in this section is on an old railroad bed. Straight and level, but through a swamp. Very pretty and with lots of interesting plants to see if you protect from bugs enough to slow down and look. No bugs this weekend.

NCT Pere Marquette railroad bed

I picked up the car and drove to the campground where I spent the night. Cooked dinner, read till dark, slept.


This morning, Loren came and took me to the north end of my trail. She and her pups (you've met Corky, the little black one is Koa. She's new, and recovering from being spayed) walked with me for a little ways, till the first cross road. Thanks, Loren!

hiker and dogs

Most of my trail is not particularly remarkable, but that doesn't mean it's not beautiful and satisfying to the soul.

North Country Trail

If you click the link below for the spring trip, you'll see the picture of a small area that had just burned. The Forest Service put the fire out quickly, and here's what the area looks like after just one summer. Amazing!

growth after fire

I did do a lot more work than on the spring walk. There was a LOT of clipping to do. All the areas that are growing up in oak sprouts (a blowdown area from a few years ago, a timber harvest area, and the burned area) needed extensive trimming where the oak was encroaching on the trail. Over the two days, I spent 9.5 hours walking and working. That is exactly one mile an hour. That's fairly normal for trail work, I think.

This is the most difficult thing I had to clear. Notice the trail goes right through the middle of this.

trees down on trail

No problem. Well, it would have been easier if it wasn't right at the end of the day when I was already tired. Took six cuts, but I got 'er done!

North Country Trail

Hiked to the turnoff, and then out the spur to the campground and my car.

Now I'm off for a night of work! Yes, I took a nap this time.

Freesoil Trailhead north to Tyndall Road and spur to Bear Track Campground, Mason County, MI

See My Trailfor the spring duties
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Secondary Roads said...

Well done!

Ann said...

That's a lot of work. Good job. I would have needed a big nap after all that

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