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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hymn Sing

The absolutely best part of today was on old-fashioned Hymn Sing at the Methodist church. Yes, it was a bunch of old people. We are the ones who know and love the hymns.

I have to say, for anyone who thinks people don't sing enthusiastically at church any more, or that people are reluctant to give testimonies... they haven't seen a group like the one tonight.

There was never a lull waiting for someone to call out the number of another favorite song to sing. More than a few people just stood up and told stories of how much a particular song meant to them (no pulling teeth to ask people to share... in fact, they were not asked at all, they just couldn't be still).

I'll bet a lot of you know some of the choices, "The Old Rugged Cross," "The Church in the Valley by the Wildwood," "It is Well with My Soul," "Victory in Jesus," and many more. We sang for an hour. There was only one song I didn't know, and I'm going to learn it. It was beautiful. (I'd tell you the name, but I don't remember. I can find it again, though.)

We closed with this one.

hymnbook page
There was more than one person with damp eyes as we sang songs we really love. Many of us made our deepest spiritual commitments with the words of these hymns as backdrops.

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vanilla said...

I would have loved being there! (The one hymn we sand in church this morning was recognizable by the words only, for the tune and the tempo were, well, just like the other stuff they sand.) Note "they."

Ann said...

I've never been one to sing loudly or enthusiastically (except in the shower) but I remember going to church with my dad and that man could sing and he always had a smile on his face when he was

Secondary Roads said...

This post brought many fond memories back to life. Thanks!

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