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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It Begins... a Little Late

We've seen hardly any fall color here up until the last few days. Suddenly, there are small bursts. An occasional single beautiful tree.

fall leaf colors

Here's a little lake, named... wait for it... Little Lake.

fall leaf colors

Actually, I like it a lot when there are bright trees interspersed with the green ones.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again, and I'm hoping to dry clothes on the line.

See Hawkins Road
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Secondary Roads said...

I'm ready for a nice day. A bit of color coming visible here, but you have to wait until afternoon. Mornings have been foggy.

Ann said...

that picture with the reflection in the water is so pretty. Not much color here yet either but I have seen a few trees turning

vanilla said...

We don't really have the colors yet, so I shall enjoy yours while we wait.

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