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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Oh No! It's a List


face in tree

OK, those of you who are totally uninterested in those lists of goals people make can laugh at the face and stop right now.

Otherwise, if you are brave or curious or sadistic (you'd like to watch yet another listmaker crash and burn) or whatever... read on.

Let me first say that my life for the past while has been sort of on hold. We have some stuff going on that makes it difficult for me to plan ahead. Result... nothing is really happening on where I'd like to be in a few years.

A while back, when blog networks were going gung ho, there were quite a few people making lists of 100 things in 100 days, or whatever. I liked a few of those. Some people were really earnest about it and working hard to make things happen. This isn't the same as a bucket list. Those are big things you want to do before you croak, to mix a metaphor and put the frog in the pail.

So, I started making a list. Just a list that would begin to get my life back on the track I want to be on. I was thinking 100 things in 300 days. Allowing for me to be chronically late, I figured that would be good for a year. However. Soon I realized that I was starting to put too many huge goals on the list. So I took a few of them off. Now, I've been working on this for more than a week, and still don't have 100. So be it. Here's most of my 54 in 300 list. I'm choosing to not share a few of the personal ones. I'll probably keep you updated on intermediate steps as we go along.

My overall goal is to get some discipline back in my life and move closer to being a (nearly) full-time writer. When I was writing North Country Cache, I had a daily schedule that worked well, and I'm hoping to revive that, as much as I can with the other two jobs.

These are not in any sort of priority order, at all.

54 in 300
1WRITINGbegin working on North Country Quest again
2WRITINGedit Kiss of the Butterfly, submit for publication
3WRITING100 NC History pages
4WRITINGblog about 8 wild foods
5WRITINGfinish Dead Mule Swamp Druggist
6WRITINGdo 10 book promotion things
7WRITINGwriting schedule day 50 times
8WRITING5 entries in Off the Sanctuary Wall
9WRITINGpursue a contract I can't name yet
10WRITINGtalk to 5 bookstores about carrying mysteries
11HOUSEfix kitchen drawer
12HOUSEcut down 5 autumn olive trees
13HOUSEclean refrigerator twice
14HOUSEreplace kitchen faucet
15HOUSEget lawnmower fixed
16HOUSEclean terrace
17HOUSEkitchen light electric box
18HOUSEreplace faucet by washing machine
19HOUSEput away model railroad stuff
20HOUSEspend 10 hours sorting books
21FITNESSincrease to 30 pushups
22FITNESSincrease to 100 jumping jacks
23FITNESSincrease to 2 min planking
24FITNESSwalk, bike, ski or snowshoe 200 times
25HIKINGNCT Hike 100 Challenge for 2016
26HIKINGvisit 5 new MI counties to explore trails
27HIKINGhike 100 more miles of the Buckeye Trail
28HIKINGclear my trail better
29PERSONALSavings Goal
30PERSONALFinancial Goal #2
31PERSONALlose 10 pounds
32PERSONALplay music 50 times
33PERSONALother #1
34PERSONALother #2
35MISCmake 21 quarts juice
36MISCtry 10 new wild foods
37MISCsome genealogy stuff
38MISC100 more pix on Shark Shots
39MISC2 photo cards documented
40MISCgive 10 gifts from my kitchen
41MISCeat at Brenda's Burgers
42MISCeat at Country Critters
43MISCtake my trailer on 2 trips
44MISCfinish monkey booties
45MISCget two programs NCT and Kitchen Sink
46MISCget rid of 100 things
47MISCread or listen to 100 books
48MISCmove NCC from Josh's garage
49MISCshort bios of 5 relatives
50MISCsort my fabric
51MISCdo something inside my trailer
52MISCadd 50 things to family heritage list
53MISCsome VCR tapes to DVD
54MISCsome cassette tapes to CD
Wish me luck; I'll need it. But, if you aim for nothing you are sure to hit it.

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The Furry Gnome said...

Wow, those are some ambitious goals! I'll be interested in your progress reports!

Loritenor said...

You inspire me...I am thinking maybe I will try five goals in two months though. Personally I like your #40 the best...and I do think that listing things twice probablly should not count as two goals. The 30 pushups is scary to me...but I may try the planking for a few seconds as one of my goals for Nov-Dec! :)

Ann said...

That's an ambitious list. I see one thing on there that I need to do but I would be happy with cleaning my refrigerator just once. I used to be a chronic list writer but would get mad at myself for not accomplishing everything on the list so I just quit doing it. Could explain my lack of ambition of late

Lin said...

I'm pooped just reading your list!

I am a "list maker" and I like to write down my goals for the week. It helps to get them off my mind and it seems I get them done when I have the opportunity to check them off.

Joe hates my lists because they usually involve him too. :)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay do not luk now but their is sum sort of eevil tree monster lerking in yore blog reeding yore list!!! aaaiiieeee i sed not to luk but then i did!!! ok bye

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