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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tour of an Autumn Day

The temperature took a nosedive, and it rained off and on all day. I was out doing cases, and of course, turned it into a touring trip at the same time. Want to come along?

I drove down 40th St. Yes, those are blue blazes on the trees. Yes, that is my North Country Trail (a little piece of roadwalk). Did I subconsciously picture this spot on purpose because of that? I thought it was for the colors and the little curve in the road, but who knows?

dirt road in autumn

Next stop, a location on a high bank above the Pere Marquette River. Even though the river shows up only as that light gray fuzziness beyond the branches, I liked how much depth there was in this shot.

Pere Marquette River

Flower gardens are making a last effort to offer beauty.

hosta in autumn

It was actually raining when I took this picture of Pettibone Lake, but the colors showed up nicely anyway.

Pettibone Lake in autumn

I was being watched by a surprisingly calm and sleek black squirrel.

black squirrel

She really gave me a good once-over.

black squirrel

I wonder what she thought?

See Walking around Tallman Lake for another black squirrel
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Secondary Roads said...

I like that 40th street pic. For me it's the curve ahead in the road. It like a mystery. You never know what's around that curve. Curiosity is a strong force.

Ann said...

whatever your reason was for taking that first picture I'm glad you did. It's really nice. That squirrel is probably wondering what the heck you're doing

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