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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lean, Green Tiny Machine

Look who was willing to sit still while I stuck the camera right in his face! (Or hers... I have no clue)

green leafhopper

Yes, it's a leafhopper. Remember, I found a white leafhopper in August?

This one was a little smaller, maybe a bit over 1/4 inch in length, about 5mm. Still, it's pretty good sized. I often see really tiny ones, more like an eighth inch.

green leafhopper

And this one is the quintessential example, looking just like a tiny leaf. They are usually very nervous, so I was surprised I got several tries at getting a picture. None of them is in perfect focus, but still, not really bad.

There are thousands of kinds, I can't even begin to name this one (Charlie?). I looked through BugID.net and didn't see a good match. That would be about as far as I could take it.

Rained today. That's fine with me. It's supposed to clear and be a nice weekend.

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Secondary Roads said...

To pose like that for you must take ignorance, fear or courage. I have no idea which applies in this case.

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