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Monday, October 12, 2015

Patterns Hot and Cold

I've been saving these pictures for a while. Today's their day.

You know I like patterns in things. I also like things that aren't what they seem. These have it all. First is the hot pattern, in cool colors. Hot sun through a fence.

sun and shade on grass

Then we have the hot colors, but the subject is actually cold. Can you tell what it is?

sunset through bridge timbers

Writing now... work tomorrow and handbells and writing group. I'm not sure I like that busy of a day, but I like all the pieces. See you then.

See Textures in Ordinary Things
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The Furry Gnome said...

It's looking under a dock or bridge at golden leaves reflecting off the water.

Secondary Roads said...

Furry Gnome said it for me. The structure employs heavy pilings for a dock, and yet seems to be narrow for a bridge. I'm hoping you explain.

Ann said...

I see water in that second one so I'll agree with the others

Sharkbytes said...

Yes, Furry Gnome got it right. That is a narrow bridge, late afternoon light. Too easy!

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