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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Afghans I Have Made- Crochet- Argyle

We have to skip one afghan for now. Not only is #4 unfinished, it's also unfound. Looked where I thought it was today, but no luck. I'm kind of stumped actually, but we'll skip ahead. If you guessed that #4 was afghan stitch you were wrong. However, #5 reverted back to that.

For a change, though, instead of embroidering a design on later, this one has the design crocheted right in.

And it was a gift for Omer, so it had to be red and blue. The flash makes the red look a bit orang-y. It's not really.

He still uses it. The afghan stitch makes a really dense fabric, and Om likes to be warm. He's usually got it wrapped around his feet while relaxing.

argyle afghan

This one was made in strips which were sewn together and a border added. It was made in approximately 1986-87 I can only date the creation by the fact that I know I worked on it quite a bit at a friend's house, and I was there mostly because our Joshua was in high school with her son.

argyle afghan

I'm happy to report that this was the last afghan-stitch afghan I made. Variety is good, and I'm glad I evolved!

See Afghan- Formal Design
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Ann said...

That one looks like a lot of work with the color changes

Secondary Roads said...

Looks very nice.

vanilla said...

Bold and very attractive.

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