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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Duck, Duck, Grebe

Also yesterday, Ellen and I saw a lot of ducks on Bass Lake. Look at this one collection.


It was easy to pick out the common mergansers even from a distance. Mr. and Mrs.

common mergansers

How about those ones with the chestnut heads? Either canvasbacks or redheads. Seen zoomed in on the computer later it was easy to tell they were redheads because of the rounded head and stripe near the end of the bill.

redhead ducks

And we also saw several pied-billed grebes. They are the only grebes we have around here, really.


Today was nice enough but gray. Ellen and I sure picked the right day to play.

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Secondary Roads said...

It was a beautiful day. Took advantage of the scrim over the sun (clouds) and took some flower pix.

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