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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Afghans I Have Made- Woven- Rose

I've decided to start a new series here, as much for myself as anything, to collect the pictures. Over the course of my life, as far as I can remember, I've started nine, and finished six afghans. (Counting as unfinished is the one in progress for the book promotion giveaway, but it's nearly half done). Two are woven on a "Weave-It. Maybe I'll try to find that and show you. One is knitted, and the rest are crocheted. I have or can take pictures- of some quality- of all of them.

The first one I ever made was for my best friend then and now, Marie. I was still in high school when I did this. I did not have a stellar reputation for finishing things (then and now), and I don't think my mom was thrilled that I took on this project.

But I did finish it. I think I gave it to Marie as a graduation gift, but maybe a birthday, or just because.

It was woven in four-inch squares on the Weave-It loom and then sewn together. The roses are embroidered on afterwards in cross stitch.

Marie sent me this picture quite a few years later, when baby David made his appearance.

rose afghan

This is the best I can do for a closeup as a scan of an "instamatic photo print."

rose afghan

Who knows? Maybe this series will inspire me to finish the two that are still in boxes.

I didn't count the pile of baby blankets I've made over the years (all three yarncraft methods for those, also). Not sure I could number them.

P.S. Have you entered the contest to win the afghan I'm working on?

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Secondary Roads said...

I did enter. That was earlier today.

Ann said...

I like that one. I've never heard of a weave-it. I'm curious now how many I've made over the years. Not sure I could even remember them all

Sharkbytes said...

thanks, Chuck!

Ann- hey, glad to hear you are a many yarn project person too! If I did out the unfinished afghans I think the loom is with one of them so you'll see it.

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