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Monday, April 25, 2016

Two More Daffodils

Here are two more of the daffodil varieties I have blooming right now. What I need are similar wonderful summer flowers the deer won't eat.

First are 'Pistachio.' I paid real money for these. They were supposed to be green. They are sort of greeny-yellow. But the picture in the catalog was really lime green, and I got my money back. They've stayed true with that green cast so I can always tell which ones they are, but they never got any greener.

pistachio daffodils

These are from the farm where I grew up. Mom always said these were Grandma Leary's favorites, old-fashioned yellow double daffodils. I'm not a huge fan of the doubles, but I like that they are a connection from home. Most of the flowers that were brought here over the years from those gardens are long gone.

double daffodils

Right now we are having a thunderstorm with rain and some hail. Very spring-like. But the grass will grow! If I'm going to get the lawnmower fixed it had better be soon!

Today I dried clothes outside again. However, I nearly missed the chance. The weather report said 80% chance of rain all day, so I figured it was a no-go. But it kept getting nicer and nicer. When the sun came out after lunch, I quickly threw a load in the washer, and actually got them out and dry before 6 pm. Horray!

See Daffodils on Parade
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Secondary Roads said...

Pity that they're not really green. They are kind of nice. The double is very interesting. Lots of daffodils here. Would you like some more?

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