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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Back Side of the Pond, Backside of the Neighborhood

Today I figured out how to get around to the back side of the little pond on the bypass where I saw the northern shoveler. It was pretty easy to get there, but I couldn't see much. The angle was too low and there was a lot more brush than it looked like from the other side.


So I followed a deer trail of sorts around the back side. It was the kind of trail that a deer would like if it wanted to scratch a thousand ticks off its back. I got muddied and bloodied (neither too seriously).

deer trail

At the farthest corner I could finally see some open water, but of course, also the road and traffic and signs and all that stuff of civilization.


I did actually scare up the wood ducks, but didn't get any pictures of them. Maybe another time when I can sit and wait for them to settle.

The best wildlife was this rabbit- frozen in hopes I wouldn't see it.


I decided to cut around the edge of a field to head back to my house. In so doing, I passed three deer blinds, and the blue picnic table.

Well, one of those blinds must have had a motion sensor and video feed because before I was halfway across the field a truck came roaring down over the slight hill, and I got chewed out for being on private property. Ho hum, fine. I said I won't go back there again. I can't make myself feel very contrite for strolling across his narrow five acre patch a half-mile from my house.

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Ann said...

Looks nice and peaceful. I can understand not wanting people hunting on your land but to make a huge fuss over someone just out walking seems a little extreme.

Secondary Roads said...

An interesting walk--in more ways than one.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I think I can go to the back of the pond again without getting in trouble. I'll go sometime with a situpon and a book and wait for the ducks.

Chuck- I tend to be rather naughty when it comes to walking across open private land.

Lin said...

Oh, you rebel-rouser! Well, at least you had a nice walk while it lasted.

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