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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Instant Summer- What Happened to Spring?

Crazy! It hit 80 degrees today. I'd rather have stayed home and hung laundry outside, but had to go do an appointment case and some others while I was going that direction.

Here's the Muskegon River again, looking a little more mysterious in this photo.

Muskegon River

It's amazing how quickly the spring wildflowers appear if you give them some sun. Trout lily leaves sticking up all over the place.

trout lily

And a personal favorite, a member of the Dicentra genus. It's impossible to tell whether it's squirrel corn or Dutchman's breeches from the leaves.

squirrel corn

But some early buds give me another clue. Pretty sure it's squirrel corn, although I won't be back at that place to check.

squirrel corn

Bedtime for me. Working Friday, Friday night and Saturday is rough on the brain.

See Dicentra
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Ann said...

Nice to finally have some sunny weather.

Secondary Roads said...

It sure has been lovely out there. I've been able to get outside and work on Friday and on Saturday. That was wonderful! Looking forward to Monday.

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