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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Oh Yes I Did! (See a New Plant)

You know any hike/outing where I see a new (to me) plant is an extra treat. I thought I didn't see a new one on this last hike, but tonight when I was looking at the pictures I discovered I was wrong.

I thought this was Swamp Rose Mallow. Pretty much a look-alike from a distance.

halberd-leaved rose mallow

But then I got a little excited when I looked in the book and saw that the dark throat is a better match for Halberd-leaved Rose Mallow.

halberd-leaved rose mallow

But did I get a good enough picture of the leaves to be sure? I did! Very distinctive. The name, Hibiscus militaris comes from this shape like a halberd or spear.

halberd-leaved rose mallow

Also note the funky buds.

What fun!

See Swamp Rose Mallow
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Secondary Roads said...

Another gem discovered.

Ann said...

way to go spotting that.

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