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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Smoke Tree Musings

I've mentioned before that we have a smoke tree. Just because I like to name them, it's Cotinus obovatus. This is the American Smoke Tree. Supposedly it's southern, but there are an awful lot of them used ornamentally in the north.

So here's mine. Boring. I made it look a little better by catching late afternoon light on it.

smoke tree

There is a beautiful one down the road. It turns lovely bronze and gold in the fall. You can see that at See One Last Blaze for Fall

The other day I walked past it and snapped a midsummer shot. Yup... it always looks better than mine.

smoke tree

More hot days here.

See Maroon Smoke Tree
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vanilla said...

I rather like these trees, but we have very, very few of them in this area.

Secondary Roads said...

Ours too has gone all smokey.

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