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Monday, August 8, 2016

A Little Trail Time

Took hikes yesterday and today. Ester and I have an adventure cooking for the coming weekend, and I need to get my little legs in shape.

Nothing spectacular to report. Just the calm of a nice afternoon woods.

North Country Trail

The first two pictures are from yesterday. I hiked about 6 miles on the North Country Trail north of 5 Mile Road.

North Country Trail

Today I hiked 6 miles again, from US 10 to 8th Street and back again. It was a little later in the day and the evening sun was shining through the trees.

North Country Trail

I met a guy out doing some trail work, and I helped him clear this tree.

North Country Trail

Now, if the walking would just clear my mind!

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Ann said...

Nice place for a hike.

Secondary Roads said...

What a great way to invest a day. Love those wooded trails.

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