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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Saved by the Breeze, and Ester

The day could best be described as sultry. It wasn't excessively hot, but it sure was humid. Like breathing water. And then it started raining again. The only thing that really saved it was a breeze, sometimes stiff. Moving air was good!

I finally passed a field of something besides corn and soybeans. Can you tell what it is? Cabbages!


Also, there was this really interesting octagonal house, built in 1848. Ohio comes up with some interesting architectural surprises.

octagonal house

Ester met me for lunch. Actually she scooped me off the road just before the worst of the rain. That kept me from getting completely soaked. After lunch, I stripped the pack down to the essentials- water, map, TP and a snack, and walked on to finish the day in lighter rain. 15.7 miles again.

The best event of the evening was this cricket. I haven't seen too many light colored ones. Not sure if it's some kind of camel cricket. But look at the antennae!


The rain MAY be done, so I am getting out early to hopefully be done before it gets too hot!

See North Coast Inland Trail
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Secondary Roads said...

Very interesting house. That's a lot of coleslaw and sauerkraut!

Lin said...

I like the cricket. What on earth does he do with those antennae??

vanilla said...

Three very interesting pix. Watched a cabbage harvest in Texas a few years ago. Two days later they had a new crop planted in the same field.

There is a very similar octagonal house in Millersburg, IN.

Wow! What reception that cricket must get.

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