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Monday, August 15, 2016

Portage River

Ester dropped me off at 9am at a road corner in the middle of nowhere, where I ended the hike where I slept beside a grain dryer, got cold, and tested my then new tiny tent. Link at end.

rural corner

The day was defined by the Portage River, which I followed almost the entire way, crossing it several times.

Portage River

Saw some interesting plants. Nothing new yet, but this is interesting. It's native bamboo. I've seen it in southern Ohio, but this seemed pretty far north.


It was really hot, and had to find out information about a detour (which thankfully, did not add to the day's mileage, so I stopped at this cool diner (literally cool) to get directions and ice cream. That was really helpful mid-afternoon of a long hot day.


I joined the North Coast Inland Rail Trail about 3pm, and soon spotted Ester waiting for me. 16.3 miles. No serious pains yet. Today is looking rainy. That's ok, I can do that better than hot!

North Coast Inland Trail

See Cold
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1 comment:

Ann said...

That's a lot of miles. That diner is cool

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