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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

If They Weren't So Cute

With no dog around any more, the deer have gotten very bold. Too bold. I might as well just hang up a sign saying "Wildlife Refuge."

Mom and a fawn were in the back yard again last night. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But look how close the little bugger is.

No. Don't look at the dirty window, just look at how close the fawn is to the "terrace."


But she didn't stop there. Those grape leaves look pretty yummy, don't you think?


And then she turned her little rump to me. You can even see the cowlicks in her hair, she was so close.


I think it's never going to be a good year for hosta or daylilies here again.

See Buck Twothed
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Gordon said...

We have as many as six at a time in our back yard. Usually just a large doe and twin fawns but frequently a couple of eight point bucks also. You can walk within twenty feet of them.

D.G. Hudson said...

But they are such little dears (pun intended)! This is more of the wildlife encroaching on our properties which used to be their free range. Great pix.

Ann said...

They are getting brave there. Guess you must grow some very delicious hosta and daylilies.

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