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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Black Vest, Cha Cha Cha

I don't know much about dance, but I do believe the Cha Cha has a lot of stepping backwards as well as forwards. That is sure the story of this vest. But I'm calling it done.

black vest
Sometimes making it up as you go doesn't work as well as other times. I had to redo the bind-off row on the bottom because I did it too tight. I had to unravel and re-knit the first armhole ribbing because I did it too tight. At least I had enough brains to do the second one to match the correct version of the first. Then I did the neck ribbing a little too tight. I could wear it, and did so this morning, but it was tighter than I wanted. So I unraveled that and completely re-did it today.

Do I like the finished product? Meh. Don't like black. That's the bottom line.

However, one goal was to do an unusual enough stitch that it has a little bit of interest. After church, the lady sitting in back of me said she'd been studying it during the service and she really liked the design. So that mission was accomplished.

black vest
Of course, the big joke is that it was so warm today I hardly needed a sweater vest. But, doggone it, it was made so I wore it!

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Ann said...

Well done. At least you are able to correct your mistakes and fix them. When I tried to make a vest years ago I screwed it up so bad I had no idea how to fix it.
I like the design of it as well.

Lin said...

That was cool that the lady complimented you! It's hard to appreciate in the photos, but I'm guessing it looks great in person. Well done you!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks like a verry warm and komfy vest wot yoo hav mayd!!! however dada is nattering on and on abowt the cha cha he sez that yoo kan do the basik left to rite in wich kayse there is a forward rok and a bakward rok but the moshun is mostly side to side or yoo kan do it front to bak in which kayse yoo do indeed do a lot of stepping forward and bakward with a side step to a rok at eetch end!!! leeve it to dada to blather on and on abowt dansing wile evrybuddy else has fallin asleep!!! ha ha ok bye

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