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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Moses Makes Another Appearance

My houseplants are pretty much abused, but this one has agreed to bloom again. Just ignore the dust and spider webs.

Tradescantia discolor

It's the one called Moses-in-the-Boat, Tradescantia discolor. When it bloomed before I gave a lot of explanation, so I won't repeat that.

Tradescantia discolor

Instead, I'll show you some previously featured relatives, other Tradescantia.

Wandering Jew, maybe T. pallida

Tradescantia pallida

Unknown, but in the same family.

unknown Commelinaceae

Common spiderwort, a wildflower, Tradescantia virginiana

Tradescantia virginiana

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Secondary Roads said...

Now you are getting me excited for the entry of spring and the blossoms that arrive with it.

Ann Thompson said...

Thats a nice one. I kill house plants

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