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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We Temporarily Interrupt These Socks

Yesterday was non-stop and when I finally got home I was so tired I completely forgot to do a blog post. Today is more normal.

I've begun working on the second fancy sock, but it has to go on a slight hold so I can finish something I need to get done.

If you have a long memory, you'll recall yet another project started and not finished. (You can follow the link if you want to see the design closer) This one was begun just about a year ago. I want a vest for bell choir, and we are supposed to wear black and white. I'm not a fan of black, so I don't own anything that will do.

Over the weekend I picked it up again because I really would like to have it done by this Sunday. Here's where it was when I started working a few days ago.

Crocheted Vest

Got the front done.

Crocheted Vest

Sewed it together and decided I'd knit the ribbing. The body of the vest is crocheted, and crocheted ribbing is possible, but I opted for the knit. About an inch to go on the bottom, then the armholes and neck.

Crocheted Vest

Think I'll have it done by Sunday?

It Fits!
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Ann Thompson said...

I like that. You work fast. You shouldn't have any problem finishing that by Saturday

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