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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Heel is Turned

Back to the socks. A nice calm day to knit and be quiet.

knit socks

I reinforced the heel with a clear nylon filament the yarn store recommended that was just plain awful. I was afraid it was going to be... and I was right. I'll have to use it in the matching sock, but never again. Nylon thread would be better. This was too stiff. Anyway... here is the long view. I'm not thrilled... would do several things differently on another pair, but Michelle likes them, and that's the important part.

knit socks

In other news... I skied out back. Amazing how slow that is after skiing groomed trail yesterday. But I did my four hills, and the biggest one twice. This landscape appears more bleak than the day felt since there was actual sun, but I like the way the picture looks.

snowy hill

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