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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mesabi Hike - Day Off

Saturday, August 8, 2009. It was a wet and miserable day. We were not at all sorry to spend it lounging around a motel room. I don't have specific memories of what we did, but we are really good at playing our favorite word game Quiddler, reading aloud, and finding somewhere to have a good dinner. It was Marie's birthday, so I'm sure I teased her a fair amount about being old.

After having hiked thousands of miles together and having braved pretty much every kind of weather in a tent (OK, not a tornado yet, but we did do the end of a hurricane), we don't feel we have to prove anything. (Yes there are two green Foresters there. Only one was mine.)

Super 8 motel

We drove around town a bit that afternoon and spotted the car for the next day's hike. It was a seriously non-activity day.

Caught a wet nuthatch looking for dinner.


The funniest thing was the large inflatable loon that floats around the small lake.

floating loon

Want to get a better idea of its size? Hilarious.

floating loon

But, we do only get one day off. Tomorrow we'll be back on the trail.

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Secondary Roads said...

First glance of that loon and I thought my eyes were playing tricks.

Ann Thompson said...

Wow thats one big loon.

Lin said...

LOVE the giant loon! someone has a great sense of humor.

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