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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Spirit of the Woods at Big M 2017

Almost every year our trail chapter has an event and chili feed at Big M ski area. Today was the day. We started a little later than our normal time so that we ate first. The lodge there is really nice. It's hard to get good pictures though, because anywhere you point the camera there's a big window. Notice the table full of food. Yum!

ski lodge Big M

That only affects the pictures, not the quality of encounters inside. I didn't count, but there were about 15 people there.

ski lodge Big M

I finally got to meet Sophie the dachshund. If you are local and saw my column in today's Ludington paper, she was the star of "Can You Hike Farther than a Dachshund?" She's hitching a ride in this picture because she had already bounced through deep snow for a couple of miles. (picture not taken by me)

dachshund in a backpack
We basically split into three groups. Some skied, some snowshoed at Big M, and one group drove a few miles to snowshoe on the North Country Trail to get miles for their Hike 100 2017 patch. I decided to ski.

skiing Big M

We did 3.4 miles which included some easy trail and some intermediate. I give myself a pat on the back for that. Elizabeth, the younger member of our party, is growing up. She was a novice skier at the event linked below.

skiing Big M
In fact, I got a complete body workout this weekend. Work last night was quite physical because we were shorthanded. Came home with many sore upper body parts. Came home from skiing with sore hips. Bed for me, really soon, but what a nice day.

See Spirit of the Woods at Big M 2014
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Matthew Tennant said...

Is there a schedule of events for the Spirit of the Woods?

Sharkbytes said...

Matthew- Spirit of the Woods Chapter of the NCTA has a FB page, and you can send your email to Loren Bach to get monthly reminders (no spam!) at

Here in the woods said...

Generally we have a hike (in winter we ski or snowshoe) every month on the first Saturday. See for outings.

Here in the woods said... Sorry, darn autocorrect!

Here in the woods said... Sorry, darn autocorrect!

Ann said...

looks like a great day

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