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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Warm, Wind, Sun, Cold

Just walked out back today. The temperature was mild, but the wind was bitter. The sun shone, but it felt cold. Not enough snow to have fun on. Gray and brown. This is the time of year I need a big color fix. Got it today by looking up.

sun and clouds

Yesterday was not one of the good Saturdays. The best course of action for me to take on those kinds of days is just hunker down with the knowledge that how I feel about the world is only related to work timing and interrupted sleep. The fact that I'm annoyed with everyone and everything is not real, and if I only wait a day and get a good sleep all will be well. It does work. Amazing how fickle our feelings can be.

See Holding Out Hope
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Ann said...

That sight would make me happy. I love the design the suns rays made against that blue sky.

Secondary Roads said...

Another day with bright sunshine at our house. I enjoy the winter sun, even though it means cold temps.

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