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Monday, February 6, 2017

Kleaning Inspired by K

This story began yesterday. I popped the K off my keyboard to remove the crud buildup underneath. Everything was going fine until I sneezed. You guessed it... the letter K disappeared.

computer keyboard with missing letter

I had a blanket on my lap, but it wasn't there. Or on the floor, or in my knitting bag, or on the table beside the chair, or tangled in the socks I was working on, or...

So today I went on safari to find it.

There is it, under the chair.

computer keyboard missing letter

Meanwhile, it's not as if any of these places I was looking were even remotely related to clean. So here's a bunny trail story of another trait that makes me Ray Jr. You may recall that was one of my mother's nicknames for me. Of course, Ray was my dad.

As he got older we would tease him over and over because he would decide he needed something new, research the options, buy it and then let it sit for months before actually doing anything with it. Guess who has turned out to have the exact same trait? [timidly raises hand]

So when Jade the dog came to visit, she also came with Ester's vacuum cleaner. I fell in love with that vacuum. In case you care, it's a Hoover Windtunnel Pet Pro. It retails for $169, but Ester had found it on sale for $99. (OK, it's probably not as good as one of the $600 ones, but I was really impressed for the price). For years (decades?) we've had only an awkward shop vac. So, I started watching the sales.

Yup, I got the vacuum I wanted at the $99 price. That's 40% off! And then it sat in the box for mo... well... till today!

vacuum cleaner

The instructions for putting the handle together were much more thorough than most assembly directions. I wonder if they thought people would try to suck them up in the vacuum? And, by the way, I disobeyed. I didn't discard them; I recycled the paper.

assembly instructions

I even cleaned out a place in a closet for it to live. That entailed filling a box with things that will leave the premises next time I'm going to see the person they should go to. That gives me an extra brownie point.

And the computer? K is back in it's proper place, so things can be OK again.

See Ray, Jr. Here Again
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Ann said...

Wade is kind of like that. When he buys something new it will sit in the box for a day or so before he gets around to opening it. Me, the second I get home I'm ripping in to the box

vanilla said...

Good choice. The $600 one is like giving someone $500 free money.

Secondary Roads said...

I dare not pop a key top off from my keyboard. The thought is . . . gross.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wunder ware the k key wuz trying to eskayp to perhaps to its hometown the mithikal sitty of kalamazoo!!! dada sez this reeminds him of a song kalld on top of spagetti wot goze sumthing like on top of spagetti all kuverd with cheez i lost my poor meetball wen sumbuddy sneezd!!! mmm cheez and meetballs!!! ok bye

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