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Monday, September 4, 2017

Gordon Road Rail Crossing

I've said for years that the county would never pave this half mile of road because they would have to deal with the too narrow and too low railroad bridge over it.

Last week there was an article in the paper that Gordon Road in this section (and a few other roads) were going to be paved. Huh!

So I walked there to see what's happening. I woke up this morning with a cold. It's nothing now except a runny nose that won't stop, but on the premise that a walk is the cure for everything, I got out of my chair after dinner and hoofed it down there.

road closed sign

Looks like they are definitely going to improve the 10-foot clearance. See how far down they've dug.

road construction

They are about 2.5 feet deeper than the previous road bed. About to the bottom of the bridge abutment, I think.

road construction

Not sure what they are going to do on the side I'm standing on. When they dig the road bed lower there are two driveways that have to be dealt with. And they can't make it wider unless the bridge is replaced. Maybe they can just have warning signs for "one lane road."

Anyway, I climbed up and walked the tracks home.


Going to bed early, and I don't anticipate that the cold will be much of a problem tomorrow.

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Ann said...

road work, I always wonder why there are so many men on the job when 3/4 of them are just standing around talking.

Secondary Roads said...

That excavation will improve clearance, but let's hope that it doesn't compromise structural integrity or become a water trap every time you have heavy rain.

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