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Friday, September 8, 2017

Summer Bucket List?

You know I'm not much for bucket lists, mostly because mine get out of hand. I already need 2 or 3 more lifetimes than I suspect I'm allotted. But I did have one thing I wanted to do this summer.

There is a hot dog vendor that sets up most days in a parking lot. Street/mobile vendors are becoming more common here. And I've wanted to get lunch there. Why? It's just a hot dog, right?

Lakeside Wiener Wagon

Yeah, it is. But it's just fun. Their grill is a trailer model of the Badger (the Ludington carferry).

Lakeside Wiener Wagon

It would have been a lot more fun with a friend and time to sit there and eat in the sunshine (which we finally got back). I expected the Lakeside Wiener Wagon to be gone after Labor Day. However, there they were, and open, when I was on my way to work. Most of the reason I haven't stopped previously is because I work though lunchtime and eat a sandwich on the fly. By the time I head home and pass them, I'm no longer hungry.

So, I did stop. You get your choice of hefty fixin's on the dog (with over 10 yummy choices), a bag of chips (four choices) and a can of pop (several choices) for $5 even. Not bad!

Lakeside Weiner Wagon

Does it look like it's missing a bite? It is. I took one before I remembered a picture.

Back to work in a bit. The machinery has declared war on us today. Could be an "interesting" night.

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Ann said...

I don't make bucket lists because I only get mad at myself for not getting to the stuff on them.
Your hot dog looks pretty good. I can't help wondering since their grill is outside like that if they have to close up shop if it starts raining

Secondary Roads said...

I don't care for hot dogs, but make it a Polish dog and I'm in for it.

Donna B. McNicol said...

I love food trucks and the variety we can now find on them.

BTW, you and your blog have been nominated by me for the Liebster Blog Award. Check it out:

My post:

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- they sure do- they are only open on nice days

Chuck- I'm sorry to tell you that I do like hot dogs... nasty things that they are.

Donna- I'm SO glad you commented. I'll play the award game in a couple of days. And I somehow missed that your books are mysteries. I'm off to buy Not a Whisper

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