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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Saturday Clause

It's right there in my personal contract with myself which is in force for the duration of this job with the Friday night work. On Saturday (unless there is something I truly HAVE to do) I don't have to do anything unless I want to.

Usually, at some point in the day, I want to. Not today. OK, I briefly thought about washing some dishes, but it didn't happen.

reading in bed

The night was cool enough that I got out my extra blanket when I first woke up. I love a cool-to-cold room and warm blankets.

The closest I came to work was putting peanut butter on a roll (yes the ones I baked the other day), and cutting up vegs for a salad for dinner.

I read a book. Played my computer game. Dozed off any number of times.

Now I'm thinking about going back to sleep.

The bottom of my butt feels a little flat, but I can tolerate the discomfort! Sometimes life is good in the really slow lane.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Yep, the slow lane does have some appeal. I've been taking that one myself quite a bit lately.

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