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Monday, September 25, 2017

Making Hay Despite the Sun

Today was another insanely hot day, but Ester and I got some of the things done that we actually had planned on.

But first, more food. We went to Chef John's for brunch. Some mighty fine sandwiches there.


We also like that all the tables and chairs are different, and the tablecloths are a variety of vintage ones. We chose to sit at a table with this beautiful hand-applique and embroidered one.


Then we did a bunch of shopping. We would have been happier if it involved one store, but it took three stores to manage to come home with 6 screws and one piece of flashing. We did manage to find the right stuff, so at least there was satisfaction at the end.

Next, we spent some more time on the saga of the trailer door. Marie and I managed to get two of the six screws (on the trailer side) out of the hinges this summer. One was rotted and one broke. The other four were impossible. Today, Ester and I tried drilling them out. No go. We cut off part of the wood backing they were screwed into. Finally, we ended up pounding them back out, since they were too long anyway. But... if the door comes off it either has to be re-hung right away, or the whole trailer tarped. So, we stopped. No picture... I mean, what's to see? A hinge with one screw removed. Seems like minimal progress for the amount of time it consumed.

But maybe, now, we have a plan for how to really get the door off, make repairs and re-hang it. And you better believe the new screws are ones that don't rust. This is definitely a two-person task. The upshot is, she's scheduled another trip up here for next month! Works for me.

During the really hot part of the day we watched another movie. Neither one of us functions very well at 90 degrees. We watched Shawshank Redemption.

We did wash off some stuff with the hose. That was a pretty good activity for a hot day.

After that, we went for more food and had saganaki at Old Hamlin. Just so you know, that's Greek. It's cheese- pan fried, flamed with brandy, and extinguished with lemon juice. Then you eat it on bread- regular or pita. We did pita. I have to tell you, this was really yummy. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the flaming. That was impressive.

By then, things had cooled down and we managed to accomplish one of the serious things on my list. Earlier this year, in a bad wind, one piece of flashing came down off the eaves.

missing eave cover

Replacing it wasn't too difficult, but it was another two-person job. Nothing like two crazy, roof-dancing gals to get 'er done.


Just for the icing on the cake, we changed my windshield wipers.

windshield wipers

We say, "Not bad, for a brutally hot day."

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Ann said...

You two got way more done than I did. The humidity has been killer here lately and it's sucking the life right out of me. I like that covered porch you have.

Secondary Roads said...

You do keep yourself busy. Glad to read about your progress.

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