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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Cold Cruel World

My froggie went back to living outside today. She didn't seem all that eager to leave and I miss her already.

She wasn't too interested in hopping out of the tub into the wilderness of fallen leaves.

tree frog on moss

I had put the tub outside for a few short whiles before the final shove into the real world to let her cool down more gradually.

Finally, I urged her on the way because the wind was trying to take the tub for a sail across the yard. I didn't think she wanted flying lessons, so I nudged her into the leaves.

tree frog on leaves

Supposedly they spend winters under the leaves, and there is a nice layer of them where I put her. But I suspect she's had a nice warm house to live in for more than a few months. I wonder what she thought. Maybe she'd rather be warm and just eat spiders and get a drink when the toilet tank drips condensation or someone takes a shower. Who knows? Well, she's on her own now.

In other news: Steve and I played a few games, but it's pretty quiet here.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Farewell sweet frog.

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