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Monday, November 11, 2019

The Local Veteran

Today, Om and I went to Applebees to take advantage of their free meal for veterans. Not only do they serve a huge number of free meals, but they had an impressive line of American flags, and the flags of the branches of the military on display. Multiply all that by the number of franchises, and they are putting their corporate money into saying thank you. The servers also were wearing T-shirts with a thank-you message. All in all, I know they are certainly building good will that helps their overall image, but it's still remarkable.

couple eating out

Here's the local veteran, just a "few" years ago. This was before I met him. He got to see Europe. I had to settle for pictures. He told me today that he has decided the most memorable event was when he got to visit the Berlin Wall.

Army sergeant

This was also my mother's birthday, as I've often mentioned. She would be 110 today, if she were alive.

In other news: I wrote in the morning and worked on formatting after we got home. My brain is fried. I'm off to play games and watch old Perry Mason shows.

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Lin said...

Thank you for your service,Om! He sure looks great in that uniform!

Ann said...

A big thank you to Om for his service.
I saw about Applebees and a few other places that were serving free meals to veterans.

Secondary Roads said...

I'll echo Lin and Ann with thanks to Om. Last year, Veteran's Day fell on Sunday. By default, we went to Applebee's and were surprised by the crowd. They sat Sylvia and I alone in a both that could hold six. We told our waiter that they could seat another couple with us. They did. It was an enjoyable day. He was a Vietnam era vet (served in Germany). Had a grand time getting acquainted.

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