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Sunday, November 24, 2019

A Visitor in the Bathroom

While cleaning the downstairs bathroom, Om found this little one!

tree frog

It's a gray tree frog. Yes, I know it's green, but they vary in color. Notice the edges of her legs are yellow. They are bright yellow on the underside. She's tiny. Her (she has a white chin) body is only about an inch long.

tree frog

There were lots of spiders for her to eat in the bathroom, but Om finished most of them off and drowned the room in Lysol. Not a very healthy place for a little frog now. I'll keep her a few days. They can tolerate very cold temperatures, but I wonder if she'd be OK with going directly from 70 degrees to 40 with no transition. I don't think keeping her over the winter is a good option because I'd have to buy crickets or something to feed her. They want to eat every day.

But, temporarily, she's got a woodsy home in the kitchen in a tub filled with dirt, moss, a block to hide under and a branch to climb. I managed to catch a couple of fruit flies and get them in there too.

tree frog lodging in a plastic tub

At first, she hid under the piece of block, but now, she's out in the lawn. You can see her little behind through the plastic. I wonder what a little froggie thinks.

tree frog sitting in a terrarium

In other news: I worked on Accidentally Yours almost all day.

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Lin said...

I think you could put her out in the yard in a sunny spot this week before it gets really cold. Maybe dig a little hollow out, place a log and cover with leaves. Or...move the tub outside close to the house for a bit to get her used to being in the colder environment. Keep the lid off and make a spot for her to hibernate in. Such a beauty!!

vanilla said...

Another line in your extensive resume: caretaker of amphibians. ;-)


Ann said...

She's cute.

Edi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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