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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

First and Second Snow - Winter 2019-2020

I have to take a break from the Meijer Garden because we got our first real snow of the winter today. It was gorgeous.

first snow

The first actual snow was on November 1. That was just enough to whiten the grass. Still, I always like the first. Last year's first snow was November 9.

first snow

The snow today was fluffy and collected on everything. Even autumn olive berries are attractive against pure white.

first snow on autumn olive berries

The cemetery edge does not disappoint.

first snow

I'll take you back to the Gardens another day.

In other news: I wrote in the morning and worked on formatting in the afternoon. Very productive.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

So far there was one morning here that had a little bit of slushy snow on the car but about 10 miles away they had the ground covered. I suppose it won't be much longer before we are covered in white.
It does look pretty inyour pictures

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