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Friday, November 22, 2019

It's Starting Way Early Here

It's pretty strange to be getting ready for Christmas, but if this is the time of year Steve can come home, and he's willing to do so, we'll do holiday!

Last year, the traditional creche did not get set up. That's because of my silly rule that it has to be different every time. Since I made that rule up when I was a child, you'd think I could break it, right? Nope. Has to be different. Sometimes it's natural-looking, sometimes it's modern. I got an idea...

creche with lighted bottles

For potentially new readers, these pieces came from my mother's childhood. This view backs out to show the whole set.

creche with lighted bottles

For some other displays with these pieces follow the link at the bottom.

This also happened. Stay tuned.

Christmas Tree being set up

Please note that at least the center of the room is clean, and most of the rest is at least covered up!

In other news: I worked on North Country Quest in the morning, and on formatting both books in the afternoon. Tomorrow I have a vendor show, so probably nothing else will get done.

See Family Creche

1 comment:

Ann said...

Oh that was a great idea for setting up the creche. I like the lights in the bottles

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